MFJ-1717 Handheld Antenna


Their super-flexible radiator is protected by a durable synthetic rubber compound and includes a hard, protective safety tip.

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If you’re looking for a reliable way to communicate, you should be sure to check out MFJ 1717 dual-band handheld antennas. Not only are they only 15.75 inches long, providing an impressive 2.15 dBi gain on the 440 MHz spectrum, but also feature a quarter-wave size antenna on the 2-meter band for maximum radiated power! Additionally, they are designed at a high quality and have been precision tuned at the factory to ensure low SWR.

This antenna is ready to take whatever you dish out! Its flexible radiator, housed in a synthetic rubber compound and complete with a safety tip, is designed for even the toughest use. The matching network, protected by a rigid base, ensures that the frequency match remains stable even when tested against bending and flexing. Additionally, each MFJ 1717 has been equipped with a BNC male connector for modern portable rigs.

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