MFJ 1708B-SDRS – SDR RF Sensing TR Switch W/SO239


Introducing the MFJ 1708B-SDRS – SDR RF Sensing TR Switch W/SO239, the perfect solution for seamless integration of your transceiver and SDR receiver. With its advanced features and reliable performance, this RF-sensed TR switch ensures optimal signal isolation and protection for an enhanced radio experience.

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Designed specifically for radios that lack a keying output during transmission, the RF sensing capability of this switch allows for automatic switching between transmit and receive modes without the need for manual intervention. Say goodbye to the hassle of manually toggling between modes, and enjoy uninterrupted communication with ease.

One of the key highlights of the MFJ 1708B-SDRS is its exceptional isolation between the transmit and receive ports. This ensures minimal crosstalk and interference, guaranteeing crystal-clear communication and reducing unwanted noise. With this switch, you can optimize your SDR receiver’s performance, providing a dedicated and interference-free channel for your secondary receiver.

Additionally, this switch offers excellent isolation between the transceiver and SDR Receive Ports, further enhancing the signal integrity and minimizing interference. The result is a cleaner, more reliable signal reception, allowing you to fully utilize the capabilities of your SDR receiver.

The MFJ 1708B-SDRS boasts impressive SWR characteristics up to 450 MHz, thanks to its strip line PCB design. This means that you can achieve optimal signal transfer without sacrificing performance or risking damage to your equipment. Enjoy seamless connectivity and maximize the potential of your setup, knowing that you have a dependable and efficient switch handling your signal routing.

To ensure the utmost protection for your receiver, this switch is equipped with a receiver protection circuit. This circuit effectively limits any transmit RF spikes, safeguarding your receiver from potential damage caused by sudden power surges. With this added layer of protection, you can have peace of mind while exploring the airwaves.

For convenience and versatility, the MFJ 1708B-SDRS offers a control line input for radios that have a key line output. Additionally, it features an AUX output that can be easily set to ground for receive mode or transmit mode, providing you with flexibility in configuring your setup according to your specific needs.

With its power-off bypass functionality, this switch allows you to seamlessly route the transceiver to the antenna even when the switch is powered off. This ensures uninterrupted communication, even in case of power outages or switch malfunctions.

Finally, the adjustable receive delay feature allows you to fine-tune the switch’s response time, ranging from 50 ms to 4 seconds. This empowers you to tailor the switch’s behaviour to your preference, ensuring a seamless and efficient transition between transmit and receive modes.

In summary, the MFJ 1708B-SDRS – SDR RF Sensing TR Switch W/SO239 is a high-performance, feature-packed solution designed for seamless integration of your transceiver and SDR receiver. Enjoy enhanced signal isolation, exceptional SWR characteristics, and comprehensive protection for your receiver. With its versatile configuration options and adjustable parameters, this switch offers unparalleled flexibility and convenience.

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