MFJ-1706 – Balanced Line 6 Position Antenna Switch – Binding Posts


Introducing the MFJ-1706 Balanced Line 6 Position Antenna Switch with Binding Posts. This top-of-the-line switch is designed to effortlessly switch up to 6 balanced feedlines from a range of balanced antennas to a single transmitter.


The MFJ-1706 features 12 heavy terminal posts (labelled Ants 1-6) and 2 heavy terminal posts for the transmitter, ensuring secure and reliable connections. With a power rating of 1000W, this switch is capable of handling high-powered applications with ease.

Measuring a compact size of 230 x 80 x 125 mm, the MFJ-1706 is perfect for installations with limited space. Weighing just 800 g, it is lightweight and easy to handle.

This antenna switch requires banana-type plugs, which provide a secure and reliable connection. Pairing your antennas with the MFJ-1706 will ensure optimal signal transmission and enhanced performance.

Whether you’re an amateur radio enthusiast or a professional in need of a versatile and robust antenna switch, the MFJ-1706 is the ideal choice. With its impressive features, including balanced feedline capabilities and multiple switch positions, this product is engineered to deliver exceptional performance and reliability.

Upgrade your antenna setup today with the MFJ-1706 Balanced Line 6 Position Antenna Switch. Experience seamless switching and maximize the potential of your radio communications system.

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Weight 1 kg