MFJ-1705H – 1500W RF Bypass Switch


Introducing the MFJ-1705H RF Bypass Switch – a powerful and versatile tool for enhancing your antenna setup. With its exceptional functionality and reliable performance, this switch allows you to conveniently switch in or bypass various coax-fed devices, including antenna tuners, linear amplifiers, preamps, wattmeters, and more.


This high-quality RF bypass switch ensures seamless operation and minimal signal loss, making it an ideal choice for both amateur and professional radio operators. With its PL-259 UHF connectors, connecting your antenna and transceiver has never been easier. Whether you’re looking to fine-tune your signal strength or optimize your transmission efficiency, the MFJ-1705H has got you covered.

Designed for efficiency and convenience, this bypass switch operates within a frequency range of DC to 60 MHz, allowing you to enjoy enhanced performance across a broad spectrum. Equipped with SO-239 connectors, this switch provides maximum compatibility and versatility, ensuring a seamless connection with various devices.

Crafted with durability in mind, the MFJ-1705H RF Bypass Switch boasts a rugged construction that can withstand demanding environments. Measuring 3 (W) x 1 1/2 (H) x 2 1/2 (D) inches, its compact size makes it easy to integrate into your existing setup without taking up precious space.


1) The MFJ-1705H RF Bypass Switch is intended for applications protected from the elements – out of the weather.

2) Connect any device such as an antenna tuner, linear amplifier, preamp, wattmeter or another device to the «RF Device» connectors using SO-239 coax connectors.

   a. Connect one side of the «RF Device» connector to the «transmitter» or «RF in» side of the device.

   b. Connect the other side of the «RF Device» connector to the «antenna» or «RF out» side of the device.

3) Connect your transmitter and antenna to the «In/Out» connectors using SO-239 coax connectors.

   a. Connect your transmitter to one side of the «In/Out» connector.

   b. Connect your antenna to the other side of the «In/Out» connector.

4) Select the switch position to «RF Bypass» or «RF Device In».

5) Operate from DC to 60 MHz with an output power of up to 1500 Watts at 50 Ohms.

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