MFJ-1704N – 4 Way Coax Switch


Introducing the MFJ-1704N – 4 Way Coax Switch, a versatile and reliable solution for your coaxial switching needs. This product is designed with advanced features to ensure optimal performance and protection for your valuable equipment.


One of the standout features of the MFJ-1704N is its replaceable lightning/surge protection pellet. This unique feature safeguards your active connector against unexpected surges and provides added peace of mind. With the centre ground position, all connectors are effectively disconnected and grounded, preventing any interference or signal loss.

When you turn the switch to an active connector, the remaining connectors are automatically grounded, ensuring a secure and stable connection. This seamless switching functionality allows you to effortlessly switch between multiple devices without any disruption.

To ensure efficient operation, it is important to meet the grounding requirements of the MFJ-1704N. A separate external ground wire must be used, which should be connected to either of the through holes on the base plate. It is necessary to remove any paint from the base plate at the point of connection to provide a good solder surface. This step ensures a solid ground connection for the lightning protector pellet to effectively fulfil its protective function.

The MFJ-1704N comes equipped with key features that make it an excellent choice for your coaxial switching needs. With its 4-way configuration, you can easily connect and switch between different devices. The connectors are SO239, allowing for compatibility with a wide range of coaxial cables. With a power handling capability of 2.5 kW, this switch can handle high-power applications without compromising on performance.

The isolation provided by the MFJ-1704N is remarkable, with 60 dB at 30 MHz and 50 dB at 500 MHz. This level of isolation ensures minimal crosstalk and interference between your connected devices, resulting in clear and reliable signal transmission. Additionally, the frequency range of DC to 500 MHz allows for versatile usage across various applications.

In summary, the MFJ-1704N – 4 Way Coax Switch is a reliable and feature-rich solution for your coaxial switching needs. With its lightning/surge protection pellet, centre ground position, and excellent isolation capabilities, you can trust this switch to deliver superior performance and protection. Ensure proper grounding for optimal operation, and experience seamless switching between devices with the MFJ-1704N.

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