MFJ-1702 – 2 Position Antenna Switch 0 – 450 MHz


Introducing the MFJ-1702 – 2 Position Antenna Switch 0 – 450 MHz, the ultimate solution for seamless switching between two antennas with uncompromised performance and reliability. Engineered with the latest technology, this coax switch guarantees exceptional functionality, ensuring optimal signal transmission across a broad frequency range.


With an impressive isolation level of over 60 dB at 300 MHz and over 50 dB at 450 MHz, the MFJ-1702 delivers unmatched signal integrity, allowing you to enjoy crystal-clear communication without interference or disruptions. Whether you’re a ham radio operator, a CB enthusiast, or a dedicated radio hobbyist, this switch is uniquely designed to meet your specific needs.

Featuring a robust 50-ohm construction, the MFJ-1702 offers exceptional durability and compatibility, ensuring seamless integration into your existing setup. Say goodbye to lossy connections and experience less than 0.2 dB insertion loss, guaranteeing superior signal transfer and minimizing power losses.

Additionally, this antenna switch boasts an impressively low SWR below 1.2:1, providing unparalleled efficiency in transmitting and receiving signals. Coupled with its heavy cavity-type construction and reliable SO-239 connectors, the MFJ-1702 guarantees a long-lasting and dependable performance that will withstand the test of time.

Measuring 3 x 2 x 2 inches, this switch is designed with convenience in mind. The compact size and strategically placed mounting holes make installation a breeze, allowing you to effortlessly incorporate it into your existing setup without any hassles.

Whether you’re seeking to upgrade your antenna system, improve signal distribution, or enhance your overall radio experience, the MFJ-1702 – 2 Position Antenna Switch 0 – 450 MHz is the perfect choice.

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