MFJ-1668 Multi-Band Mobile Antenna


MFJ’s new manually tuned screwdriver antenna lets you operate all bands between 80 and 6 meters, including all WARC bands.

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The MFJ-1668 is a versatile antenna that can be manually tuned for use on frequencies ranging from 10 to 80 meters. It comes equipped with a 3.3 meter whip and a 1.5 meter vertical radiator for convenience. The structure stands at 609 mm in length and has a diameter of 50 mm at the base. Adjustment of the antenna is easily done by loosening the locking screw and positioning the aluminum housing along the inductance. The load inductance consists of tinned copper conductor wrapped around a PVC pipe core for optimal performance.

Utilizing a copper-beryllium contact spring, the inductor coil and aluminum housing maintain contact. When paired with a tripod and radial counterweight system, the MFJ-1668 antenna is highly effective. Mounting the design on a field-ready tripod like the MFJ-1918 or a similar device is effortless. For vehicle installation, connect a 5-foot vertical whip driver to the MFJ-1668. After parking your car, install a 3-meter long vertical emitter to enhance operating efficiency on frequencies ranging from 6 to 80 meters.

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