MFJ-1661 Portable HF Antenna


The MFJ-1661 is a versatile manual antenna, suitable for use on any frequency range between 10 and 40 meters. It comes with a 3.3-meter whip and a one and a half meter vertical emitter. This makes it ideal for both mobile and confined working environments. The compact design features a 304 mm length and 50 mm diameter base, while remaining lightweight at only 450 grams.


To adjust the antenna system, simply release the locking screw and adjust the position of the aluminum housing along the inductance. The inductance itself consists of a PVC pipe core wrapped with tinned copper conductor. For proper contact between the coil and housing, a copper-beryllium spring is utilized.

The MFJ-1661 antenna is greatly enhanced by pairing it with a tripod and radial counterweight setup. It can be effortlessly mounted on field tripods, such as the MFJ-1918 or other similar devices.

Attach a 5-foot vertical whip driver to mount the MFJ-1661 on your vehicle. When mobile, this antenna system can resonate in frequencies ranging from 20 to 6 meters. Once you have parked your car, simply install a 3-meter long vertical emitter. This will enable you to operate within the 6 to 40 meter range.

The MFJ-342 pipe mount facilitates effortless antenna placement on a tripod. For optimal performance, a reliable radial counterweight system must be firmly attached.

Additional information

Weight7 kg