MFJ-1644 Whip Tuner Antenna


Whip Tuner / Artificial Ground gives instant 80 – 10M, 150 Watt antenna. Just add short whip and counterpoise wire and instantly get an effective portable 150 Watt all band 3.5 – 30 MHz antenna. It`s effective, compact and simple to use for portable, fixed stations and emergencies.


The Hi-Q 3-core variable loading coil effectively resonates both short whip and random wire antennas. The identical inductor also tunes the counterpoise. This high-powered device operates on frequencies from 30 to 10 meters using the included 4 1/2 foot telescoping whip antenna and counterpoise assembly.

Add longer whip/random wire and external loading coil for more efficient operation, especially on 80 – 30 meters. 12-foot whip, ham stick, and Hustler antennas all work great. Tune for low SWR with a built-in reversible L-network. Current balun decouples radiating elements.

Adjust the RF Current meter for optimal current output to achieve maximum radiated power and minimize SWR. Utilize the sensitivity control to operate in low power (QRP) or high power (QRO) modes up to 150W. The fibreglass antenna/counterpoise insulator with ultra-low capacitance effectively reduces the flow of antenna current to ground, ensuring maximum radiated power.

Standard 3/8 x 24 female connector for whip antennas and wing-nut for counterpoise. SO-239. 7 1/4W x 2 1/4H x 2 1/2D inches.

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Weight 2 kg