MFJ-1630T Whip Mobile Antenna


The MFJ-1630T HF car antenna is designed to operate on the amateur radio range of 30 meters.


With the MFJ monoband mobile ham antenna, HF mobiling becomes enjoyable and effortless. These whips are compact, lightweight, efficient, and simple to operate. Utilizing dual center and distributed loading ensures efficient radiation, resulting in increased power for communicating with DX stations and engaging in casual conversations.

This unit is built with durability in mind. It features a tough 4 foot fiberglass rod that is 3/8 inch in diameter, along with a nearly indestructible .125-inch stainless steel whip and chrome plated brass fittings, ensuring reliable performance for years to come. Its sleek design has minimal wind resistance and the stiff fiberglass material eliminates the need for additional support such as springs or guys. The black anti-static jacket adds extra protection to the loading coil and seamlessly blends in with any vehicle.

With an adjustable length and included Allen wrench, the stainless steel whip ensures the lowest SWR. Complete tuning and matching instructions are also provided. It can support up to 250 Watts PEP and reaches a height of about 7 feet when fully extended, but easily collapses to 4 feet for convenient storage.

The MFJ monobanders are offered for both 6 meters and all HF bands. They can be easily attached to any 3/8 x 24 female mount for swift band adjustments. Additionally, they come with the well-known MFJ one-year limited warranty, ensuring protection and coverage no matter what. In the event of any issues, MFJ will repair or replace your ham antenna within the span of a year.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg