MFJ-1624 Multi-Band Mobile Antenna


It is a high-performance whip antenna with load inductance for operation from 40 to 6 meters. Use the simplest kits for attaching it to the bumper, trunk of your car or a magnetic base.


Transform into an HF mobile in a matter of moments with minimal exertion! Engage in endless enjoyment of conversation and long-distance communication on the HF frequencies. Convert uneventful drives into thrilling ham experiences. Simply attach a trunk lip mount (such as the MFJ-347), mirror or luggage mount (like the MFJ-342), or tri-magnet mount (such as the MFJ-338T), and secure your MFJ-1624 mini bug catcher HF mobile antenna, all within minutes!

Throw your rig into the car, plug it in the cigarette lighter and turn the power down to 20 Watts or so (to avoid overloading your cigarette lighter – the MFJ-1624 handles 300 Watts PEP). Operate your HF mobile and enjoy DXing!

The MFJ-1624 bug catcher utilizes a sizable, effective air-wound inductor that surpasses other compact HF antennas. Its unique built-in matching network maintains low SWR. The 5 1/2 foot whip can easily collapse to 2 1/2 feet for convenient storage and garage use. Additionally, it is base loaded to minimize wind resistance and strain. To change bands, simply adjust the wander lead. The mount measures 3/8 by 24 inches in size.

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Weight 1.5 kg