MFJ-1623 Window/Balcony Mount Antenna


Experience top-notch reception with the MFJ-1623 Window/Balcony Mount Antenna. Designed for professionals and ideal for anyone seeking exceptional performance, this complete antenna system surpasses expectations.


Effortlessly mounting on window frames, balconies, and railings, it triumphs as the go-to choice for apartment dwellers. Seamlessly covering a wide range from 30 to 6 meters, it ensures you never miss a signal across various frequencies.

Equipped with an all-inclusive package that includes a universal mount/clamp, built-in antenna tuner alongside an RF isolator – nothing hinders your connectivity. The impressive long 12-foot telescopic whip (22.5 inches when collapsed) guarantees optimal reach while counterpoise wires and a safety rope ensure stability in any situation.

Boasting an impressive power handling capacity of 200 Watts, this antenna is designed to endure rigorous usage without sacrificing quality or reliability. Whether you’re engaged in critical communications or simply enjoying your favorite broadcasts, rest assured knowing the MFJ-1623 has got you covered.

Upgrade your experience today with the unparalleled MFJ-1623 Window/Balcony Mount Antenna – where professionalism meets versatility at its finest!

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Weight2 kg