MFJ-1621 Portable HF Antenna


Take advantage of the versatile MFJ-1621 Portable HF Antennas to enjoy uninterrupted operation in various locations, from your apartment and campsite to a resort hotel or even the beach! Easily access 40-10 Meters with the included telescoping whip, which is conveniently detachable and housed in a compact 6 x 3 x 6 in. cabinet.

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The MFJ-1621s boast convenient features, including an antenna tuner and a field strength meter. They also include 50 ft. of RG-58 coax for your convenience. These portable multi-band antenna systems are a complete package! You can easily detach the telescopic whip with a 3/8 x 24-base and collapse it to just 22 in. for effortless storage and portability.

Easily position these antennas in a suitable clear area, adjust the band-switch and tune the capacitor for optimal field strength using the built-in FS meter, then begin operation!

Thanks to the built-in tuner, the included antennas can operate on a variety of frequencies including 7, 10, 14, 18, 21, 24, and 30 megahertz without the need for a ground plane. Furthermore, these MFJ-1621s are capable of handling an impressive maximum input power of 200 watts. This allows you to conveniently use your rig even in locations where traditional antennas may not be feasible to install.

The MFJ-1621s are not meant to serve as a permanent substitute or surpass a traditional full size antenna. They are created to enable operation in situations when alternative antennas are unavailable.

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