MFJ-1615T Whip Mobile Antenna


The MFJ-1615T HF car antenna is designed to operate on the amateur radio range of 15 meters.


This MFJ monoband mobile ham antenna whip allows for convenient HF mobiling! It is lightweight, highly efficient, and simple to utilize. Dual center and distributed loading allow for better power output when reaching DX and ragchewing.

This antenna is durably built with a strong 4-foot, 3/8 inch diameter fiberglass rod and a practically invincible 125-inch diameter PH-17-7 stainless steel whip. Chrome plated brass fittings ensure this will provide reliable use for years. The streamlined, low profile construction offers great wind resistance while its semi-rigid fiberglass design means springs or any other extra support are unnecessary. Furthermore, the loading coil is shielded by a black anti-static jacket which blends in nicely on any car.

This stainless steel whip can be personalized for a perfect SWR. It comes with an allen wrench and clear directions on how to adjust it for the best use. 250 Watts PEP can be handled by this whip and when constructed, stands 7 feet tall; however, it conveniently collapses to 4 feet for storage.

MFJs monobanders are designed for 6 meters and all the HF bands; simply use the 3/8 x 24 female mount to switch between bands. Rest assured with MFJs esteemed one-year limited warranty, as any ham-tenna that needs repairs or replacing will be taken care of by MFJ within the year.

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Weight 1 kg