MFJ-1612T – 12 Meter Mobile Ham Whip


This MFJ monoband mobile HamTenna Whip makes HF mobiling fun and easy! They’re small, lightweight, efficient, and super easy to use. Dual centre and distributed loading lets you radiate efficiently – you get more power out for working DX and ragchewing.


Each is ruggedly constructed. A heavy duty 4 foot, 3/8 inch diameter fiberglass rod, a nearly indestructible. 125 inch diameter PH-17-7 stainless steel whip and chrome plated brass fittings will give you years of dependable service. Its sleek, low profile construction has low wind loading and its semirigid fiberglass eliminates the need for springs or guys. A black anti-static jackets protects the loading coil and blends with any vehicle.

The stainless steel whip is adjustable for lowest SWR. Includes Allen wrench and complete tuning and matching instructions. Handles 250 Watts PEP. About 7 feet tall fully extended and collapses to 4 feet for easy storage.

These MFJ monobanders are available for 6 Meters and each HF band. Simply screws into any 3/8 x 24 female mount for quick band-changing. Protected by MFJs famous No matter What one year limited warranty. MFJ will repair or replace (at our option) your Ham-tenna no matter what for one full year.


                                                      HF Mobile Hamtenna Whips

MFJ-1606T6 Meter
MFJ-1610T10 Meter
MFJ-1612T12 Meter
MFJ-1615T15 Meter
MFJ-1617T17 Meter
MFJ-1620T20 Meter
MFJ-1630T30 Meter
MFJ-1640T40 Meter
MFJ-1660T60 Meter
MFJ-1675T75 Meter

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Weight 2 kg