MFJ-1600T – HF Mobile / Portable Whip Extender


4 1/2 foot long, 3/8 inch diameter fibreglass/copper conductor with 3/8 x 24 male and female mounts on ends. Black anti-static jacket.


MFJ-1600T - HF Mobile / Portable Whip Extender

Convert base loaded antennas to highly efficient center loaded antennas. Use MFJ Bug Catcher, MFJ-2620 / 2640T, MFJ manual screwdriver antenna, Hustler or any loading coil with 3/8 x 24 threads. Extend ham sticks for efficient fixed station antennas. Replacement for broken or bent Hustler bottom mast section. Add telescoping whip for multi-band vertical.

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Weight 2 kg