MFJ-1456 Mobile Antenna


This mobile antenna covers all of your favorite bands. 2 Meter, 440 Mhz, 6 Meter bands plus up to two HF bands can be used at one time. Four HF loading coils are provided to cover 10/15/20/40 meters HF band. SO-239 conector quickly screws onto mirror, luggage or tri-magnet (recommended).


Experience exceptional signal performance with the MFJ-1456 Mobile Antenna, designed to cater to all your communication needs. This versatile antenna effortlessly covers a wide spectrum of bands, including 2 Meter, 440 MHz, and 6 Meter bands. Harnessing its advanced capabilities, you can even concurrently enjoy up to two HF bands.

Equipped with four HF loading coils specifically tailored for the 10/15/20/40 meters HF band coverage, this mobile antenna ensures uninterrupted connectivity across various frequencies. Its innovative SO-239 connector swiftly attaches to mirrors, luggage racks, or tri-magnet mounts (recommended), facilitating easy installation as per your preference.

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Weight7 kg