MFJ-1048 1.6 – 33 MHz XCVR Passive Preselector


Introducing the MFJ-1048 1.6 – 33 MHz XCVR Passive Preselector, a game-changer in improving the performance of your HF or shortwave receiver/transceiver. Designed with an incredibly high dynamic range, this preselector enhances the capabilities of even the most expensive receivers and proves to be especially beneficial for devices with broadband front-ends that are susceptible to overload.


One of the key advantages of the MFJ-1048 is its ability to safeguard your sensitive receiver input from potential damage caused by strong signals from multi-transmitter, multi-band operations such as contests, field day events, nearby hams, CBers, and TV/FM/AM stations. By suppressing out-of-band signals that often lead to intermodal, blocking, and cross-modulation, it effectively eliminates phantom signals that could hamper your experience. Furthermore, it completely eradicates second-order intermodulation issues arising from powerful out-of-band shortwave broadcast signals mixing and generating unwanted in-band signals. The exceptional performance of the MFJ-1048 is attributed to its unique Hi-Q series tunable circuit.

This tunable series-tuned circuit operates at a remarkably low impedance thanks to broadband toroid transformers, ensuring optimal results. With narrow bandwidth, superb stopband attenuation, minimal loss, constant bandwidth and gain over each band, and excellent attenuation in adjacent contest bands, this preselector effortlessly covers the entire 1.6 to 33 MHz HF band across five overlapping bands.MFJ-1048 - XCVR Passive Presel - 1.6-33 MHz

Achieving precision tuning is effortless with the air variable tuning capacitor featuring a 1.8 to 1 tuning range and a vernier reduction drive, guaranteeing accurate adjustments according to your preferences. Additionally, the RF sense transmit/receiver switch with adjustable time delay automatically bypasses the MFJ-1048 during transmission, eliminating any interruptions. The inclusion of PTT line T/R switching further enhances usability. Installation is simple as it conveniently plugs between your antenna and transceiver.

Safety and durability are top priorities, which is why the MFJ-1048 is housed in a fully shielded metal enclosure with a tough black finish. This ensures long-lasting protection for the exceptional components within.

Upgrade your HF or shortwave receiver/transceiver experience with the MFJ-1048 1.6 – 33 MHz XCVR Passive Preselector. Unlock its impressive features to enhance performance, protect your devices, and enjoy seamless tuning.

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