MFJ-1025 1.5 – 30 MHz Noise Canceller


Get the MFJ-1025 1.5 – 30 MHz Noise Canceller and take control of unwanted noise and interference like never before. This powerful device allows you to place a null of up to 60 dB on any type of noise, turning your antenna system into a directional receiving array.


With the MFJ-1025, you can eliminate various types of noise such as lightning crashes, power line noise, lamp dimmers, electric drills, and more. Say goodbye to interference that hinders your communication and weakens your signal reception.

Whether you’re operating on SSB, AM, CW, FM, RTTY, SSTV, Packet, or Pactor, this noise canceller works seamlessly on all modes. It covers an impressive frequency range from 1.5 to 30 MHz, including all MF and HF amateur bands and shortwave broadcasts.

The MFJ-1025 offers exceptional flexibility by allowing you to instantly switch between nulling and peaking a signal at the push of a button. You can effortlessly improve weak signal reception without compromising on convenience.

One notable feature of this noise canceller is its ability to null out local AM broadcast stations, allowing you to uncover exotic distant stations you’ve never heard before. Additionally, you can use it as an adjustable phasing network to combine two antennas and create various directional patterns for enhanced signal levels.

Setting up the MFJ-1025 is simple and hassle-free. Just connect it between your transmitting antenna and transceiver, adjust the amplitude and phase controls to achieve minimum S-Meter reading or lowest noise for nulling, and push the reverse button to peak a signal. It’s built-in active antenna or external antenna options provide you with flexibility in setup.

With the RF sense T/R switch, the MFJ-1025 ensures your transceiver is bypassed when you transmit, preventing any interference from affecting your transmissions. The adjustable delay time allows you to fine-tune your setup to your specific needs.

Upgrade your station with the MFJ-1025 1.5 – 30 MHz Noise Canceller and experience a new level of control over noise and interference. Enhance your signal reception, eliminate unwanted noise, and uncover hidden stations with this versatile and powerful device.

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