MFJ-1022 Internal Receiving Antenna


The MFJ-1022 Active Antenna, a versatile marvel designed for professionals and enthusiasts alike, revolutionizes your receiving experience across the HF to VHF bands. With its seamless integration into your general coverage receiver or scanner, this powerhouse effortlessly handles strong signals while significantly diminishing intermodulation interference.


Crafted to deliver uncompromised results, the MFJ-1022 is equipped with low noise reception capabilities that resonate with perfection. Its detachable telescopic antenna stands as a testament to convenience and adaptability, ensuring superior performance at every turn. Covering an impressive frequency range of 300 kHz to 200 MHz, this extraordinary device opens up a world of endless exploration for you.

Powered by either a standard 9 V battery or an external 9 – 18V DC power supply, the MFJ-1022 leaves no room for inconvenient power constraints. Coupled with its compact dimensions measuring only 76 x 32 x 102 mm, this internal receiving antenna guarantees seamless integration into any setup without occupying valuable space.

Included within this exceptional package is a telescopic whip that perfectly complements the impeccable functionality of our product. Moreover, coupled with an SO239 connector for enhanced connectivity options and versatility in usage scenarios.


  • Frequency: 300 kHz – 200 MHz
  • Power: 9 V battery or ext. 9 – 18 V DC
  • Includes Telescopic Whip
  • SO239 connector
  • Size: 76 x 32 x 102 mm

Additional information

Weight 2 kg