MFJ-1020C Internal Receiving Antenna


MFJ invented the tunable active antenna! New technology uses a cascade FET / bipolar transistor and a gigahertz bandwidth buffer. MFJ invented the tunable active antenna! Because MFJ has made continuous improvements where others have not. The MFJ-1020C has been completely redesigned with new technology.


Experience exceptional reception and amplify your radio signals with the MFJ-1020C Internal Receiving Antenna. Designed for professionals and suitable for all, this high-performance indoor antenna surpasses the capabilities of traditional lengthy wire antennas.

Equipped with state-of-the-art tuned circuitry, this active antenna minimizes intermodulation while significantly enhancing selectivity. Say goodbye to unwanted noise disruptions as you immerse yourself in a crystal-clear listening experience like never before.

Not just limited to being an internal receiving antenna system, the MFJ-1020C can also double as a meticulous preselector when paired with an external antenna. With a frequency range spanning from 300 kHz to 30 MHz, explore endless broadcasting possibilities across various channels.

Boasting versatility and convenience, power this innovative device using either a 9V battery or an external power source within the range of 9 – 18 V DC. The inclusion of a telescopic whip ensures ease of use and hassle-free installation. Compact yet commanding in performance, the MFJ-1020C measures at dimensions of 127 x 51 x 153 mm — making it an ideal choice for those seeking powerful reception without sacrificing precious space.

Revitalize your listening experience today with the remarkable MFJ-1020C Internal Receiving Antenna. Unlocking unparalleled signal clarity and sensitivity, it’s time to elevate your audio explorations beyond ordinary boundaries.

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