MECHANIC Lead-Free Welding Wire

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  • Low-melting lead-free tin Mechanic 50.5 mm 40 gta low-temperature, lead-free tin az with Bismuth admixture with melting point 138°C.
  • No DNA, no irritating odor, non-toxic and harmless.
  • High conductivity and thermal conductivity, high purity.


High Performance 138 CelsiusGood Welding Performance
High-purity lead-free environmental protection tin wire with glossy appearance, strong electrical and thermal conductivityNo odor, no smoke, no irritating odor, non-toxic and harmless strong electrical and thermal conductivity, high purity lead-free environmental protection tin wire



Lead-free wire and rod solder Sn42 Bi58 Cu8 have a rosin core. These products provide a low soldering and melting temperature of about 138 °C.

Sn42 Bi58 Cu8 wire and bar solder can be used for soldering high-precision LED products, heat-sensitive components of electronic products, as well as for soldering safety and temperature protection components.

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