MDHF Mono Band Dipole Antenna


Discover the MDHF Mono Band Dipole Antenna, an exceptional addition to your radio set-up. Designed with precision and crafted for professional performance, this dedicated centre fed dipole is tailored to meet the specific needs of your favorite band.

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Achieve unparalleled results when paired with an internal ATU (Antenna Tuning Unit). Experience a seamless connection as this antenna effortlessly syncs with your device, ensuring a perfect match every time.

With three available versions to choose from, there’s a suitable option for all enthusiasts. The MDHF-20 operates at 14 MHz and boasts a length of 10.14 meters—perfectly tuned for optimal signal reception within its specified frequency range.

Equally impressive, the MDHF-40 facilitates flawless communication on frequencies at 7 MHz. At a length of 20.28 meters, it excels in transmitting powerful signals across medium wave bands without compromise.

For those seeking enhanced long-range capabilities on frequencies as low as 3.5 MHz, look no further than the MDHF-80. Measuring an impressive 40.56 meters in length, this antenna ensures clear transmission even under challenging conditions.

Crafted with durability in mind, our antennas feature the reliable SO239 socket—a connector renowned for its robustness and seamless functionality. Not only does the MDHF Mono Band Dipole Antenna take pride in delivering outstanding performance; it also handles power exceptionally well—up to a remarkable 400 W!


  • Balun: 1:1
  • Socket: SO239
  • Power: 400 W

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