mAT-CK Kenwood Control Cable for mAT-K100 & mAT-180H


Introducing the mAT-CK Kenwood Control Cable, your ultimate solution for seamless connectivity between the mAT-K100 or mAT-180H and any Kenwood HF radio equipped with a 6-pin ATU connector. Designed specifically to enhance and simplify your communication experience, this Control Cable is a must-have accessory for ham radio enthusiasts.


Crafted with precision and engineered to perfection, the mAT-CK Kenwood Control Cable enables you to establish a secure and reliable connection between your mAT-K100 or mAT-180H and your Kenwood HF radio. With its sturdy construction and high-quality materials, this cable guarantees exceptional performance and durability, ensuring that your communications remain uninterrupted even in demanding situations.

Installing the mAT-CK Kenwood Control Cable is a breeze. Simply plug one end of the cable into the mAT-K100 or mAT-180H, and the other end into the 6-pin ATU connector on your Kenwood HF radio. Within seconds, you’ll have a seamless link to fully utilize the advanced features of your mAT-K100 or mAT-180H, expanding your communication potential.

Whether you’re a seasoned ham radio operator or a passionate beginner, the mAT-CK Kenwood Control Cable empowers you to unlock the full capabilities of your mAT-K100 or mAT-180H and take your communication endeavours to new heights. Seamlessly connect and control your devices, allowing for efficient transmission and reception of signals.

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