mAT-1500 Pro – New Version High Power Automatic Antenna Tuner


Introducing the mAT-1500 Pro – New Version High Power Automatic Antenna Tuner, the perfect solution for modern high-power transmitters and power amplifiers. Designed with reliability and performance in mind, this tuner allows for a maximum of 1500W (PEP) RF signals to pass through, making it suitable for both land and marine deployments.


One of the key features of the mAT-1500 Pro is its compatibility with Yaesu, Icom, and Kenwood transmitters. With transmitter interfaces that can be tuned by transmitter control, manual user operation is greatly reduced, ensuring a seamless tuning experience. What’s more, there’s no need for a control cable to be connected to the transmitter, as the tuner can be operated through the convenient multi-function buttons on the front panel.

mAT-1500 Pro - New Version High Power Automatic Antenna TunerThe tuner boasts an impressive RF power handling capability of 1500W (PEP), making it suitable for CW and SSB operations over the full 3.5 to 54 MHz HF band. No matter what your transmission needs may be, the mAT-1500 Pro has you covered.

With its ample 16.000 data channels, storing LC configuration data is a breeze. Say goodbye to limited memory capacity – the mAT-1500 Pro ensures that you’ll always have room for your tuning needs. Thanks to its highly optimized tuning algorithm, new frequencies can be tuned in just under 5 seconds, while previously tuned frequencies are tuned within a lightning-fast 100 milliseconds.

Not only does the mAT-1500 Pro excel in performance, but it also boasts a sturdy construction. Its high-strength alloy housing guarantees durability, while the front and rear panels, machined from a single piece of aluminium using advanced milling techniques, add an extra touch of elegance.

Simplicity is at the heart of the mAT-1500 Pro. With just one square button on the front panel, operation couldn’t be easier. This versatile button handles tasks such as starting tuning, and offline and online functions. It even serves as an indicator light, clearly displaying the working status of the tuner.mAT-1500 Pro - New Version High Power Automatic Antenna Tuner

Upgrade your antenna tuning experience with the mAT-1500 Pro – New Version High Power Automatic Antenna Tuner. Fast, reliable, and user-friendly, this tuner is the perfect choice for all your high-power transmission needs.


Frequency Range3.5 – 54 MHz
Power Rating1500W PEP and Average
Input Impedance50Ω
Tuning Impedance6 to 1000 Ohms (approximately 10:1 SWR)
Tune TimeMemory 100 ms, initial tune 5 sec (typical)
Tune Power5 – 15W, 15W max, excessive power will damage the tuner
Memory Channels16.000
Tune ModesFully automatic and memory
RF Connector TypeM-type socket, UHF, SO-239
Auxiliaries Receive Antenna Power10 – 15V DC, 1A max
Operational Temperature-20 to +60°C
EnclosureAluminium alloy
Size320 x 240 x 90 mm
Weight4.5 kg

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Weight4.7 kg