Mastrant M2 (2MM) Ultra Strength High Performance Guy Rope – 100M Drum


High strength, negligible elongation, low weight, and great abrasion resistance – are all attributes that make this rope perfect for guying. It is a highly durable rope with an outstanding performance-to-price ratio.


Mastrant-M ropes using new Dyneema Max Technology (by DSM) maximize the scope of the world’s strongest fibre. Mastrant is pioneering the use of high-performance synthetic rope in permanently loaded applications. Designed specifically for mooring production facilities in deep waters, DSM’s new ultra high strength at low weight  Dyneema DM20 fibre delivers unrivalled rope strength, stiffness, durability and longevity.

Laboratory tests demonstrate that ropes made from DM20 fibre retain the properties characteristics of Dyneema, even under long-term high tensions. Critical behavioural qualities, such as high static strength and stiffness, exceptional abrasion, fatigue and creep resistance enable a smaller, lighter rope to deliver improved performance
and operational benefits.

Dyneema Max Technology performs significantly better than SK 78 on creep and thus
 is another step-change versus all other HMPE (high-modulus polyethene). At the same time, it keeps the good properties of Dyneema fibre, which are appreciated by many users. The breakthrough product now offers all the benefits of ropes made with Dyneema also to the markets of permanently loaded applications like guying of towers, masts and antennas.

  • Strength: 250 daN (240 kg b/s)
  • Safe Working Load: 75 daN
  • Elongation (Working): 1,2 %
  • Weight: 0,4 kg (100 m)
  • Construction: Double braided rope
  • Core: 100% Dyneema DM20, braided
  • Inner Cover: Polyester staple (only on ropes with diameters from 6 mm and up)
  • Outer Cover: Polyester 12, 16, 24 or 40 (depending on the diameter)

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Weight 2 kg