LDG MC-990 – Dual Colour Meter for TS-990


Introducing the LDG MC-990, a cutting-edge Dual Colour Meter designed specifically for the TS-990. This phenomenal device features two 3.5″ Analog Meters that provide crystal-clear visual displays of key metrics such as S-Meter, RF power, SWR, and more. With its sleek design and customizable features, the LDG MC-990 is a must-have accessory for any TS-990 user.


One of the standout features of the LDG MC-990 is its Colour/Brightness adjustment, which allows you to fine-tune the appearance of each meter to suit your preferences. Whether you prefer a vibrant and eye-catching display or a subtle and understated aesthetic, this meter gives you the freedom to choose.

In terms of performance, the LDG MC-990 operates efficiently with a voltage range of 13.8V DC +/-15%, ensuring consistent and reliable functionality. With a maximum current draw of 500 mA, this meter strikes the perfect balance between performance and power consumption, allowing for long-lasting usage without draining your resources.

Measuring a compact size of 200 x 100 x 100 mm, the LDG MC-990 seamlessly integrates into your existing setup without taking up unnecessary space. Weighing in at only 680 grams, it is lightweight and easy to handle, making installation a breeze.

Whether you’re a seasoned amateur radio enthusiast or a professional operator, the LDG MC-990 delivers exceptional performance and unparalleled convenience. Upgrade your TS-990 experience today with the LDG MC-990 – the perfect companion for monitoring crucial metrics and optimizing your radio communication.

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