LDG MC-7800 – Dual Colour Meter for IC-7800


Introducing the LDG MC-7800, the ultimate dual colour meter designed specifically for the IC-7800. This sleek and compact device features two stunning 3.5″ analogue meters that provide accurate measurements of essential parameters such as S-Meter, RF power, SWR, and more.


With advanced technology and precision engineering, this dual colour meter guarantees optimal performance, allowing you to monitor crucial information with ease. Enhance your operating experience by adjusting the colour and brightness settings for each meter, ensuring maximum visibility in any lighting condition.

Powered by a reliable 13.8 VDC +/-15% voltage input, the LDG MC-7800 operates efficiently while consuming a maximum current draw of only 500 mA. It is intelligently designed to prioritize power efficiency without compromising on functionality or accuracy.

Measuring a compact size of 200 x 100 x 100 mm and weighing just 680 grams, this lightweight and portable meter is perfect for both stationary and mobile setups. Its durable construction ensures long-term reliability, making it an excellent investment for any serious amateur radio enthusiast.

Experience the convenience and precision of the LDG MC-7800 dual colour meter for IC-7800. Elevate your monitoring capabilities and take your radio operation to the next level. Order yours today and unlock the full potential of your IC-7800 setup.

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Weight 0.8 kg