KN-990 DSP HF Transceiver


The KN-990 is a DSP 15W QRP HF 0.1 – 30 MHz SSB / CW / AM / FM / Digital amateur radio transceiver with a 3.5-inch colour LCD and real-time spectrum display (refresh rate of 30 FPS).

KN990KN990 and KP990KP990
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KN-990 DSP HF Transceiver


In the world of HF portable communications, the KN-990 incorporates all the practicality and technical expertise of the same radios but does so with an emphasis on portability and economy. A built-in DSP unit, 15W of output power, and an optional external KP-990 100W power amplifier allow the KN-990 to have base station ability with all the portable convenience of a mobile rig. 


KN-990 DSP HF Transceiver KN-990 DSP HF Transceiver KN-990 DSP HF Transceiver


KN-990 DSP HF Transceiver This is the ideal radio for the foundation licensee, QRP enthusiast, or any Radio Amateur who wants a convenient HF portable unit. A stable 15W output power (less in AM/FM modes) is provided by the newly designed internal PA unit when 13.8V DC is supplied. The KN-990 achieves a high sensitivity of 0.2 µV in SSB, CW, and Digital modes within HF bands, on par with that of a base station transceiver. The radio provides excellent sound reproduction of both faint and strong signals even in crowded band conditions.



KN-990 Brief Specifications KP-990 PA Brief Specifications
TX RF Power: 15W Weight: 1.2 kg
RX Sensitivity: 0.2 uV Input Power: 5 – 15 Watts
Min. Freq. Stepping: 10 Hz Output Power: 100 Watts
Power Supply: 12 ~ 15V DC Power Supply: 13.8 ~ 16.8V DC
Carrier Suppression: >= 45 dBc Dimensions: 160 x 80 x 220 mm
Dimensions: 160 x 80 x 220 mm Power Supply Current: 16A (Max: 20A)
Spurious Suppression: >= 45 dBc Cooling Method: Chassis + Dual-Row Fan
Current Draw: RX 0.4A TX 4A Max ACC: Automatic KN-990 RX/TX Control of Each Band
Frequency Coverage: RX: 3 ~ 30 MHz Band Selection: Automatic RF Triggering or Manual Selection
TX: HF Amateur Bands (160 m not included) Protection: Built-in SWR Detection Circuit, with High SWR Protection, Over-Power Protection
Mode: SSB / CW / AM / FM / WFM (RX only) / Digital Working Bands: 80 m, 60 m, 40 m, 30 m, 20 m (15 m, 10 m, 6 m pass through under the control of the KN-990)
Modulations: Digital modulation and demodulation for all modes
Selectivity: Bandwidth adjustable for all modes (10 Hz min stepping)




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