Kenwood TS-670 10W 7/21/28/50 MHz All Mode Transceiver (Used)


The Kenwood TS-670 all-mode, quad-band, QRP transceiver covers the 40, 15, 10 and 6-meter amateur bands.

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Power output is 10 watts on SSB/CW and 4 watts AM (plus 10 watts with optional FM-430 board). The keyboard allows for frequency entry or memory recall. The two-colour fluorescent display has a 100 Hz readout (modifiable to 10 Hz). This radio features a keypad entry, dual VFOs and 80 memories. Receiving tools at your disposal include: IF Shift, Attenuator, Wide-Narrow selectivity and Noise Blanker. The power output may be continuously adjusted. Please note that this transceiver does not have general coverage receive (unless you have the optional GC-10 installed). Requires 4A / 13.8 VDC power supply.

Kenwood TS-670 10W 7/21/28/50 MHz All Mode Transceiver (Used)


  • All mode operation
  • Built-in peak power meter
  • CW semi-break-in circuit
  • Lithium battery memory backup
  • Built-in all mode squelch circu’it
  • Continuously variable TX power
  • Built-in 4 bands, 7 MHz – 50 MHz
  • 2-colour fluorescent display tube
  • Various frequency control functions
  • SOO kHz-30 MHz general coverage receiver

                  Various frequency control functions:

  • Selectable tuning rate, 10 Hz steps or 100 Hz steps for AM, SSB and CW, 10 kHz and 100 Hz for FM
  • Two different VFOs are built into the set allowing cross-band operation
  • 80 channel memory for band-mode information
  • Pushbutton frequency entry is also possible using the 0 – 9 keys
  • Provided with two kinds of scanning function
  • Memory channels are selectable with the main tuning control
Kenwood TS-670 10W 7/21/28/50 MHz All Mode Transceiver (Used)

Applicable to SSB, CW, FM (option) and AM RAM filter optional) modes. The transceiver is capable o1 operating in SSB, CW, and FM (optional and AM optional AM filter).

With the optional GC-10, the TS-670 works as a general coverage receiver (except for the frequencies near 8.83 MHz).

Three HF bands, 7 MHz, 21 MHz, 28 MHz and one VHF band, 5O MHz are provided. Band selection is ac- accomplished by the UP/DOWN switch. Each band covers 1 MHz. Operating frequencY can be continuously varied by the main tuning control.

An IF shift circuit is provided to allow shifting of the IF passband, to aid in reducing adjacent channel in- terference. Filter: wide/narrow selectable.

                                                                                                        General Specifications

Transmit / Receive Frequency Range40 m band: 7.0 — 7.1 MHz
15 m band: 21.0 — 21.45 MHz
10 m band: 28.0 — 29.7 VHz
6 m band: 50.0 54.0 MHz
ModeSSB (A3Jl, CW (A1), AM (A3) and FM (F3-option)
Antenna Impedance5O Ω
Supply Voltage12 — 16 V DC
Reference Voltage13.8 V DC
Power ConsumptionApprox. 4 A at transmission
Approx. 1.1 A at reception with no signal
Weight 5.4 kg (11.88 Ib)



SSB, CW, AM: Single conversion superheterodyne

FM: Double conversion superheterodyne

Intermediate FrequencySSB, CW, AM: 8.83 MHz
FM: 1 st IF 8.83 MHz
2nd IF 455 kHz

SSB, CW (10 dB S/N): Less than — 12 dB (0.25 V)

AM (10 dB S/N): Less than 6 dB (2 V)

FM (30 dB S/N): Less than 0 dB (1 V)

1 2 dB SINADI: Less than — 8 dB (O.4 V)

With YK-88A inserted in AM mode

With FM-430 inserted in FM mode

Squelch SensitivityFM (28. 50 MHz band): Less than — 10 dB (0.32 V) SSB, CW,
AM: Less than 10 dB (3.2 V)
Image RatioMore than 50 dB
RIT Variable RangeMore than + – 1.2 kHz
Audio Output Impedance8 to 16 Ω


Final Power InputSSB, CW, FM 10W, AM 4W
ModulationSSB: Balanced modulation
FM: Variable reactance direct shift
AM: Low-level modulation
Carrier SuppressionBetter than 40 dB
Unwanted Sideband SuppressionBetter than 40 dB
Unwanted radiation intensity7, 21, 28 MHz bands: Less than — 40 dB
50 MHz band: Less than — 60 dB
21 MHz band Sth higher harmonic: Less than —70 dB
50 MHz band 2nd higher harmonic: Less than —70 dB
Transmission Frequency Response (SSB)400 — 2600 Hz (better than — 6 dB)
Maximum Frequency Deviation (FM)+ – 5 kHz (FM-430 installed)
Microphone Impedance500 Ω — 50 kΩ

                                                            Frequency Controller

Frequency AccuracyWithin + – 10 x 106 at room temperature
Within + – 30 x 106 at O° C to + 5O°C
Frequency Stability (At Reception)Within + – 30 x 106 at O° C to + 50° C
Within + – 300 Hz for up to 60 minutes after turn-on
Within 3O Hz for any 30-minute period thereafter

Note: This radio is supplied without any accessories. It’s a used item and it does have a few scuff marks due to normal wear and tear but is in good cosmetic condition. All the images listed here are used for illustration purposes only, they don’t show the real radio for sale.

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