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JDS8060 series dual channel function / arbitrary waveform signal generator adopts a 2.8-inch colour screen and comfortable silicone keys. It can output sine wave, square wave, triangular wave, pulse wave, DC signal and arbitrary waveform. It has the functions of waveform modulation, burst, PWM, scanning frequency, scanning amplitude, scanning duty, VCO voltage controlled scanning etc. It is equipped with a frequency meter and counter. Suitable for DIY, scientific research, teaching product development, debugging and other scenarios.

  • More than 160 commonly used arbitrary waveforms are built in the upper computer software, and arbitrary waveforms can be customized and downloaded to the signal generator with one click.
  • Equipped with 1 hz – 100 mhz frequency meter and counter, with AC coupling and DC coupling modes.
  • Built-in Bluetooth chip, It can control and draw any waveform through mobile app.
  • Two or more machines can output multi-channel waveform signals after being connected.

The interface is cool and powerful. It can be operated remotely by using the mobile. APP, and supports the import and export of arbitrary wave data, which is convenient and fast.

Equivalent dual channels can output the same or different function signals or arbitrary waveform signals at the same time; All parameters can be adjusted independently. The phase difference between the two channels is 0 – 359.99 degrees continuously adjustable.

Specifications Waveform Generator



Sampling Rate

275 MSA / S

Sine Wave Frequency

1 nHz – 60 MHz

Wave Length

8192 points / channel

Waveform Vertical Resolution

14 bits

Wave Type

Sine wave, square wave, pulse wave (duty ratio, pulse width and cycle time can be precisely set), triangle wave, rising ramp, falling ramp, CMOS wave, DC level, half wave, full wave, positive step wave, Inverse staircase wave, exponential rise, exponential fall, Lorentz pulse wave, multisonic wave, random noise wave, trapezoidal pulse wave, Sinker pulse wave, and 99 sets of user-defined waveforms.

Square Wave

1 nHz – 15 MHz

Triangle Wave

1 nHz – 15 MHz

Frequency Resolution


Rise / Fall Time

≤ 20 nS

Amplitude Range

Frequency<1 MHz, 2 mVpp – 25V pp

1 MHz ≤ Frequency<11 MHz, 2 mVpp – 10 Vpp

11 MHz ≤ Frequency< 60 MHz, 2 mVpp – 5 Vpp

60 MHz ≤ Frequency ≤ 80 MHz, 2 mVpp – 3.6 Vpp

Amplitude Resolution

1 mVpp

Amplitude Stability

± 1 % ± 1 mVpp (@ 1 kHz, > 10 mVpp)

Amplitude Flatness

Frequency ≤ 10 MHz:± 1 %(0.1 dB)

10 MHz<Frequency ≤ 50 MHz:± 2 % (0.2d B)

50 MHz<Frequency ≤ 60 MHz:±1 0 % (0.9 dB)

Offset Range

–  9.99 V – 12.00 V

Offset Resolution

0.01 V

Phase Adjustment Range

0° – 359.99°



Output Impedance

50 Ω (typical)

Modulation Type


Trigger Source

Manual burst, CH2 burst, external burst (AC), external burst (DC)

Measurement Function

Frequency, positive and negative pulse width, period, duty cycle

Counter Range

0 – 4294967295

Sweep Function

Sweep frequency, sweep amplitude, sweep duty

Sweep Mode

Linear, logarithmic

VCO Function

Frequency control, amplitude control, and duty cycle control

Running Mode

Debugging, normal


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