Jopix CB-514 Handheld CB Transceiver (+Mobile Kit)


The Jopix CB-514 Handheld CB (+Mobile Kit) Transceiver is a versatile and reliable communication device suitable for both mobile and portable use. With the included Car Kit, this transceiver can be easily installed in a vehicle using the 12V car cigarette lighter plug adapter, allowing seamless communication on the go with an external antenna connection.


For portable use, the Jopix CB-514 features a 25 cm BNC antenna, offering flexibility and convenience in various settings. This European multinorm standard CB radio operates across multiple frequency bands commonly used in European countries, ensuring compatibility and efficient communication. Jopix CB-514 Handheld CB Transceiver (+Mobile Kit)

Enhanced with a noise reduction circuit (NRC) and adjustable ASQ and SQ functions, this transceiver provides exceptional reception quality with clear sound output. The large LCD display with four layout options makes it easy to navigate and operate the device, while features like VOX for hands-free communication and a maximum emission power of 4W ensure optimal performance.

Compact in size and lightweight at 325 g (without antenna), the Jopix CB-514 is designed for portability and ease of use. With a lithium-ion battery capacity of 1800 mAh, USB charging input, and mains adaptor compatibility, this transceiver offers flexibility in powering options. Whether you’re on the road or out in the field, the Jopix CB-514 is a reliable companion for your communication needs.

What’s in the Box: CB Radio, BNC Handheld Antenna,  Car Kit with 12V plug car and external antenna connection, Cap for the antenna, USB-C Charging Cable, USB Power Adapter, 1800mA Li-ion Battery, Belt Clip, Mounting Stud, User Manual English.


Frequency Range 26.565 – 27.405 MHz DC
Power Input 7.4V±0.4V (Li-Ion Battery)
USB Charge Input 5V DC 1000mA
Mains Adaptor Voltage 240V AC
Battery 1800mAh capacity
Size 54 x 150 x 35 mm (without antenna)
Weigh 325 g (without antenna)

650 g (including antenna, battery, box and accessories)

Dimensions 150 x 54 x 35 mm (without antenna)
Operating Temperature -20°C – +60°C
Speaker Audio Power 1W
Maximum Emision Power 4W (High/Low power selection)

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Weight 0.7 kg