Inrico T620 Desktop Charger


The Inrico T620 Desktop Charger is a convenient drop-in charging dock designed specifically for Inrico T520, T620, and T640A handheld radios. It offers users a hassle-free charging solution by allowing them to simply place their handheld radio on the dock instead of using the micro USB port on the side of the radio.


One of the key benefits of using this charging dock is the reduction of wear and tear on the side charging port of the handheld radio. By eliminating the need to repeatedly plug and unplug the micro USB cable, the charging dock helps prolong the lifespan of the radio.

Moreover, the charging dock features a spare battery slot, enabling users to charge an additional battery simultaneously. This feature is particularly advantageous for users who rely on their handheld radios for extended periods, ensuring they always have a fully charged spare battery ready when needed.

For added convenience, the charging dock is equipped with a micro USB port located on the rear, allowing users to connect their own micro USB cable and charging plug. It’s important to note that the micro USB cable and charging plug are not included with the dock, so users will need to retain their own for optimal functionality.

Overall, the Inrico T620 Desktop Charger provides a practical and efficient charging solution for Inrico handheld radios, offering convenience, durability, and the flexibility to charge both the radio and a spare battery simultaneously.


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