Icom UX-241 – External GPS Antenna


Enhance GPS accuracy with the Icom UX-241 External GNSS Antenna. Compatible with IC-M605EURO, this antenna ensures precise location tracking for seamless navigation. Elevate your outdoor experiences with superior signal reception and connectivity. Invest in reliable performance today!


Introducing the Icom UX-241 External GNSS Antenna, a top-of-the-line accessory that delivers unparalleled GPS accuracy and reliability. Designed to be compatible with the IC-M605EURO, this external antenna ensures optimal performance for your navigation needs.

Enhance your GNSS capabilities with the UX-241 External Antenna, offering precise location tracking and improved signal reception. Benefit from seamless connectivity and uninterrupted communication during your maritime adventures or outdoor excursions.

Invest in quality and efficiency with the Icom UX-241 External GNSS Antenna – your trusted companion for superior positioning accuracy and enhanced navigational experiences. Elevate your GPS performance today with this essential accessory.

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