Icom PRO-BT550 Mini Headset Dual PTT/Audio/Link Include Charging Cable


The Icom PRO-BT550 Mini is a compact and innovative Bluetooth headset designed specifically for seamless integration with a range of Icom Bluetooth radios.


The Icom PRO-BT550 Mini Headset is a compact and versatile Bluetooth accessory designed for seamless integration with Icom Bluetooth radios. This headset boasts dual PTT (Push-to-Talk), Audio, and Link capabilities, enhancing communication efficiency with clear audio transmission. A charging cable is included with the headset, ensuring it is always ready for use.

Key features of the Icom PRO-BT550 Mini Headset include:

  • Dual PTT/Audio/Link: Enables easy and reliable communication with dual push-to-talk functionality, ensuring effective transmission and reception of audio signals.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Effortlessly connects to compatible Icom Bluetooth radios for a wireless communication experience.
  • Charging Cable Included: Comes with its own charging cable for convenient recharging.

Please note, this Bluetooth headset is specifically compatible with the following Icom models: IC-F52D/F62D, IC-F3400D/F4400D Series, IC-F5400D/F6400D Series, IC-2730E (requires UT-133 unit), ID-4100E (requires UT-137 unit), ID-5100E (requires UT-133 unit), IC-R30, IC-A16E, IC-A25NE, IC-A120E (requires UT-133 unit), and the IP501H. Ensure your device model is supported for optimal functionality.

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