Icom IC-A25CE (PRO Pack) 8.33KHz/25KHz VHF Com Airband Radio


The IC-A25CE 8.33KHz/25KHz VHF Airband transceiver is the latest radio from Icom. It’s a cut-down version of its Big Brother, IC-A25NE, providing just COMMS and no NAV.


It has 6 watts of output power, a stylish modern design, easy-to-use interface and large 2.3-inch LCD all combined to provide stress-free, simple in-flight operation. The 8.33KHz/25KHz handportable is ideal for customers who want a no-nonsense easy to use radio.

Icom IC-A25CE (Pro Pack) 8.33KHz/25KHz VHF Com Airband Radio2.3-inch Large High Visibility LCD: The large, high contrast, highly visible LCD provides good readability, even under direct sunlight. The operating frequency is displayed in large characters so that it can be recognised at a glance. In addition, the night mode option allows for easy viewing in low light conditions.

Easy-to-use Interface: Often used functions are assigned to the ten-key pad and you can directly access the desired function. The enlarged flat sheet keypad offers smooth and swift operation.

6 Watts High RF Output Power: For expanded communication coverage, output power has been increased to approximately 6W typical (PEP) 1.8W (carrier) compared to the IC-A24E (5/1.5W (PEP/carrier)).

«Flip-Flop» Channel Recall: The IC-A25CE stores the last ten channels used. You can easily recall those channels by using the directional keys, the channel knob or the keypad. This is convenient for switching between several channels. You can also freely edit (replace, delete, and change order) the stored recall channels.

Intelligent Battery: The supplied BP-288, 2350 mAh typical intelligent battery pack, provides up to 10.5 hours* of operating time. You can check the condition of the battery pack in the battery status screen. This is very useful for optimum charging and battery health maintenance. * Typical operation with Tx : Rx (Max.audio): standby=5:5:90. (Bluetooth® OFF, GPS ON)

Other Features:

  • 8.33/25 KHz channel spacing
  • P57 waterproof construction
  • BNC Antenna connection
  • 121.5 MHz emergency key
  • Priority watch
  • VFO scan, memory-channel scan, priority scan
  • ANL (Auto Noise Limiter) for noise reduction
  • Side tone function allows you to hear your voice via an external aviation headset
  • Internal VOX capability
  • 300 memory channels (in 15 memory groups) with 12-character names
Icom IC-A25CE (Sports Pack) 8.33KHz/25KHz VHF Com Airband Radio




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