Icom HM-195SW – Command Mic 4 (White)


Enhance your marine communication with the Icom HM-195SW – Command Mic 4 (White). This submersible and versatile remote control microphone offers full control capability for Icom marine transceivers. It includes an intercom function, a 6.1-meter cable, and a DSC distress button for added safety.


Introducing the Icom HM-195SW – Command Mic 4 (White), a powerful and versatile remote control device designed specifically for Icom marine transceivers. With its submersible capability, you can rely on this command mic even in challenging conditions, as it can withstand being submerged up to 1 meter depth for 30 minutes.

One of the standout features is the intercom function, which enables seamless communication with compatible Icom models such as the IC-M506/EURO, M424/G, or M423/G. This allows for effortless coordination and enhanced safety on the water.

With the included 6.1-meter cable, you have flexibility in positioning the mic wherever is most convenient for you. The mounting base for the cable connector and microphone hanger provide added convenience and organization.

Operating Temperature Range: Rest assured that the Icom HM-195SW can handle extreme temperatures, as it operates flawlessly in temperatures ranging from -20℃ to +60℃.

Audio Power Output: Enjoy clear and powerful audio output, with a rating of 2.0W typ. @ 10% distortion when used with a 4 Ω speaker.

Cable length: The 560 mm (22.0″) curled cable provides ample length without becoming unwieldy or intrusive in your workspace.

Waterproof: IPX7-rated waterproofing ensures that the mic remains fully functional even when exposed to water splashes or submersion.

Icom HM-195SW – Command Mic 4 (White)

DSC “Distress” Button: Safety is paramount, and the HM-195SW includes a dedicated DSC distress button on the back of the unit, allowing for quick and easy access in emergency situations.

Remote Location Installation: If you require an extended remote location installation, the HM-195SW supports distances of up to 18.3 meters (60.3 feet) by utilizing two optional OPC-1541 extension cables.

In conclusion, the Icom HM-195SW – Command Mic 4 (White) is a feature-packed remote control microphone that offers convenience, durability, and enhanced communication capabilities for your Icom marine transceiver. Whether you’re coordinating a rescue operation or simply enjoying a day on the water, this command mic is an essential tool to keep you connected and in control.

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