Icom FA-SC55V/58V – Antenna 150-174 MHz


Upgrade your radio communication with the Icom FA-SC55V/58V Antenna, designed for frequencies from 150 to 174 MHz. Compatible with Icom IC-F series two-way radios, this antenna ensures reliable signal transmission for seamless communication.


Upgrade your communication capabilities with the Icom FA-SC55V/58V Antenna, designed to enhance the performance of your Icom IC-F series two-way radios. Operating within the 150-174 MHz frequency range, this high-quality antenna ensures reliable and clear transmission in various environments. Engineered for durability and precision, the FA-SC55V Antenna offers optimal signal reception, making it ideal for professionals in industries such as public safety, security, and construction. Enhance your radio communication experience with the Icom FA-SC55V/58V Antenna today.

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