Icom EH-15B – Earphone with 2.5 mm Plug for HM-163MC


Experience unmatched marine audio quality with the Icom EH-15B Earphone. Designed with a 2.5 mm plug for seamless compatibility with HM-163MC devices, these lightweight earphones offer durability and comfort for all your maritime adventures.


Introducing the Icom EH-15B Earphone – Your Ultimate Marine Companion!

Enhance your marine experience with the Icom EH-15B Earphone, designed with a convenient 2.5 mm plug specifically for use with HM-163MC devices. Lightweight and durable, these marine earphones offer unparalleled comfort and performance for all your maritime adventures.

Key Features:

  • 2.5 mm plug for seamless connectivity with HM-163MC
  • Lightweight design for all-day comfort
  • Thin yet strong wire for enhanced durability

Experience superior sound quality and reliability with the Icom EH-15B Earphone. Whether you’re navigating the open seas or enjoying water activities, these earphones are your go-to companion for clear communication and entertainment.

Upgrade your marine gear with the Icom EH-15B Earphone – Order yours today and dive into a world of crystal-clear audio excellence!


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