Icom CS-R8600 Programming Software


For Windows PC, the CS-R8600 cloning and programming software allow you to program and save data from your IC-R8600. The software can communicate with the receiver via a USB cable or SD card.

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Icom’s CS-R8600 Programming / Cloning Software programs allow your Icom IC-R8600 transceiver data to be transferred to, and stored on, your personal computer. Once it’s stored, you may use the data as an archive to restore your own transceiver programming, or clone the programming to another IC-R8600 via the PC.

Icom’s software applications are easy to use and run on PCs utilizing Windows Operating Systems. Whether you want to program another radio with the data you’ve already developed in your current rig, or just store the data for future use, there’s no better way than using these CS-R8600 Programming / Cloning Software programs!

The Icom software CS-R8600 offers a convenient way to set and manage all parameters and memories of the IC-R8600 on the computer (saving, copying, etc.). The various setting possibilities are clearly displayed in groups.

The data exchange with the receiver is either via USB cable or SD card. To use an SD card, a card reader for the computer is required. To use the USB interface, a driver must be installed. The CS-R8600 Cloning Software has an English user interface and runs under Windows 7, 8 and 10 (32 and 64 bit). 

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