Icom BP-280 Li-Ion Battery Pack


The Icom BP-280 Li-Ion 2280 mAh battery is a lightweight battery with approx 18 hours of operating time.


Icom BP-280 Li-Ion Battery Pack

The low power mode is enabled in transit, low power batteries for safe and efficient shipping. Before using the charger, please use the rest of the capacity, it is recommended to charge for more than 6 hours.


Voltage: 7.2V. Current Capacity (Minimum): 2280 mAh. Current Capacity (Typical): 2400 mAh.


Compatible with:

  •  IC-F1100D / IC-F2100D
  •  IC-F1000 / IC-F2000
  •  IC-F29DR / IC-F29DR2
  •  IC-F29SR / IC-F29SR2

Additional information

Weight 0.75 kg