Icom BC-219N – Desktop Fast Charger for IC-F52D/FS400D


Power up your IC-F52D/FS400D radios quickly with the Icom BC-219N Desktop Fast Charger. Charges the BP-290 in just 2.5 hours when paired with the BC-06 AC adapter. Designed for seamless compatibility with Icom’s latest IDAS digital two-way radios. Stay connected and charged with this efficient desktop charger.


Introducing the Icom BC-219N Desktop Fast Charger, your ultimate charging solution for the BP-290 battery. With a rapid charging time of just 2.5 hours, you can power up your device quickly and efficiently. To operate, simply pair it with the BC-06 AC adapter for seamless functionality.

Specifically crafted to complement Icom’s cutting-edge IDAS digital two-way radios, such as the IC-F52D series and IC-F3400 series, this desktop charger ensures optimal performance and longevity for your devices. Stay connected and powered up with the Icom BC-219N Desktop Fast Charger – the ideal companion for your communication needs.

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