Icom AT-141 – EUR Auto Antenna Tuner Med for GM800/GMDSS


Upgrade your HF marine communication setup with the Icom AT-141 Automatic Antenna Tuner. Weather-resistant and compact, this tuner matches all frequencies on the HF marine band with full automatic tuning, ensuring clear and reliable communication on any size vessel.


Enhance Your Marine Communication with the Icom AT-141 Automatic Antenna Tuner

Stay connected seamlessly with the Icom AT-141 Automatic Antenna Tuner, designed to elevate your HF marine communication experience. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, this tuner boasts a weather-resistant ASA case with a rubber gasket, ensuring reliable performance even in harsh marine environments.

Weather Resistant

The Icom AT-141 Automatic Antenna Unit is housed in a durable, completely weather resistant ASA case, with a rubber gasket. The antenna tuner can be conveniently installed near the antenna element.

Matches All Bands

The Icom AT-141 matches all frequencies on the HF marine band. For example, the tuner matches a 7 m long-wire antenna across 1.6-30 MHz.

Full Automatic Tuning

Just push the (Tune) key on the transceiver, and the AT-141 immediately tunes for a minimum SWR on any frequency in the HF marine band.

HF Operation on any Size Ship

The AT-141 allows HF operation where antenna element length is restricted due to space.

45 Memories For Shorter Tuning Time

To decrease the tune-up time, the AT-141 automatically stores the matching conditions for up to 45 frequencies. Retuning a memorized frequency takes approximately 1 second.

The AT-141 Is Compatible with: Designed for the Icom GM800 GMDSS, and IC-M801E/GMDSS.

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Weight1.5 kg