Icom AD-135 – Ear Piece Adapter 3.5 mm Jack for 14 Pin ACC


Enhance your communication setup with the Icom AD-135 Ear Piece Adapter. This 3.5 mm jack adapter is compatible with 14 Pin ACC, offering seamless connectivity for SP-27, SP-29, or SP-40 earphones. Upgrade your audio experience effortlessly with this efficient and versatile accessory.


Introducing the Icom AD-135 Ear Piece Adapter, the perfect accessory for seamless audio connectivity. Designed with a 3.5 mm earphone jack compatible with 14 Pin ACC, this adapter ensures versatility and convenience in your communication setup.

Unlock the full potential of your SP-27, SP-29, or SP-40 earphones with the AD-135 adapter, allowing you to experience clear and uninterrupted audio transmission. Upgrade your communication devices with this compact and efficient adapter for enhanced performance.

Get the most out of your Icom devices with the AD-135 Ear Piece Adapter – your gateway to improved audio quality and connectivity. Elevate your communication experience with this essential accessory today.

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