Icom AD-118 – Adapter for Use with 6-Pin Hirose Plug


Enhance compatibility and expand functionality with the Icom AD-118 Adapter. Designed for use with 6-Pin Hirose Plug accessories, this adapter is compatible with IC-F3400/F4400, IC-F52D/F62D, and IC-F3262D/F4262D series radios.


Introducing the Icom AD-118 Adapter, a versatile solution that enables seamless compatibility with third-party accessories featuring a 6-Pin Hirose Plug. This high-quality adapter is specially designed for use with the IC-F3400/F4400, IC-F52D/F62D, and IC-F3262D/F4262D series radios by Icom.

With the Icom AD-118 Adapter, you can easily connect and utilize a wide range of accessories with your device, expanding its functionality and adapting to your specific requirements. Whether you need to enhance communication efficiency or tailor your setup to meet unique demands, this adapter offers convenience and flexibility.

Upgrade your communication experience with the Icom AD-118 Adapter – the perfect solution for seamless integration and enhanced versatility. Explore new possibilities and maximize the potential of your devices with this reliable and efficient adapter.

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