Hygain DX-88 10/80 M Vertical Antenna


Introducing the Hygain DX-88 10/80 M Vertical Antenna, a versatile and reliable solution for HF band enthusiasts. With coverage spanning from 80 meters to 10 meters, this antenna offers comprehensive coverage for a wide range of frequencies, ensuring you never miss out on your favorite bands.

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The DX-88 is engineered with adjustable capacitors that effectively eliminate many of the tuning issues commonly encountered with other vertical antennas. This innovative design feature allows for easy and precise tuning, ensuring optimal performance across all bands.

Capable of handling the maximum legal power on all bands, the DX-88 is built for high-power operation without compromising performance. Additionally, it features low-loss traps and a low angle of radiation, making it ideal for DX communication and long-distance contacts.

Designed for durability and reliability, the DX-88 is self-supporting and comes with stainless steel hardware for long-term use in any weather conditions. With a nominal gain of 3dBi and an SO-239 connector, this antenna delivers consistent and efficient signal transmission and reception.

Standing at a height of 7.54 meters, the Hygain DX-88 Vertical Antenna offers excellent performance and coverage for HF band enthusiasts. Whether you’re a seasoned DXer or a casual operator, this antenna provides reliable performance and ease of use for all your amateur radio needs.


Bands 80, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12, 10 m
Power 30 m 250 W (av), 17 m 500 W (av), Other bands 1500 W PEP
Gain 3 dBi nominal
VSWR < 1.5:1 typical
Vertical Angle 16 degs
Horizontal Angle 360 degs
Connector SO-239
Mast Size 38.1 – 41.275 mm
Wind Survival 120 kph
Height 7.54 m
Weight 8 kg

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Weight 10 kg