Hygain AV-620 Patriot HF Vertical


The AV-620 covers 6 x HF bands, handles 1500W on all bands except reduced to 500W on 6 m, and requires no traps, guy wires, radials or ground.

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It has an extremely low angle of radiation (17 degrees) ideal for working DX. Band selection is fully automatic and the antenna’s extra wide bandwidth covers all bands with low SWR. The AV-620 uses full-size quarter wave stubs for 6, 10, 12, 15 and 17 m and linear loading for 20 m. Robustly constructed the AV-620 sleek low-profile design is built to survive 127 kph winds. It is easy to put up and requires only a small area, ideal for those small gardens.


Bands20, 17, 15, 12, 10, 6 m
Power1.5 kW
Gain3 dBi nominal
Vertical Angle17 degs
VSWR< 1.5:1 typical
Wind Survival127 kph
Wind Surface Area0.22 m²
Height7.01 m
Weight5.44 kg
2:1 SWR Bandwidth20 m 500 kHz, 17 m 500 kHz, 15 m 500 kHz, 12 m 500 kHz, 10 m 1.5 MHz, 6 m 3 MHz


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Weight10 kg