Hy-Gain AR-500X Rotator


Hy-Gain AR-500X light duty antenna rotator. Infrared remote-controlled antenna rotator with the base controller.

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Designed for use with smaller antennas up to 45 kg loading. Typical antennas are small 6 m beam, UHF, VHF, TV and FM antennas only. Note: Not suitable for larger 6 m beams, larger VHF beams or HF Yagis.

Has a programmable antenna controller with infrared remote control. AR-500X remembers up to 12 antenna directions with backup. Control all functions with the remote control or console. The control console displays the location chosen and relative position.

A rugged heavy-duty rotator is built in a weather-proof one-piece cast aluminium housing. Has precision metal gears and steel thrust bearings for durability. Includes rotator, controller, mount clamps and hardware.

  • Rotator
  • Controller
  • 3-device universal remote
  • Mount clamps
  • Hardware

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Weight 1.5 kg