Hustler DCL Discone Scanner Antenna


Hustler DCL-B Discone Base Station Scanner Antennas are ideal for scanning Amateur Radio, public-service, aircraft, mobile, and public-safety frequencies.


DCL-B Discones include 50 ft. of RG-58/U coaxial cable with a PL-259 on one end and a BNC-type connector on the other end. Historically, base and handheld scanners have used BNC connectors.

These antennas offer a wide frequency-coverage range from 40 – 950 MHz and are vertically polarized. No adjustments are required to move from band to band. Hustler DCL-B Discone antennas have a reliable, high-strength design that incorporates solid aluminium rods and hardware and includes a robust mounting assembly. DCL-B Discones use 55 in. long cone elements and can be mounted on a flat surface or vertical pipe with an outside diameter up to 1.250 in.

  • 40 – 950 MHz
  • Vertically Polarized
  • No adjustments required
  • Ideal for scanning public service, aircraft, mobile and telephone frequencies
  • Easily assembled and installed
  • Reliable, high strength design
  • Mounts on vertical support to 1.25″ O.D. or flat surface
  • 55″ Cone Elements
  • 50′ Coax and Installed Connectors: PL-259 on one end and Monitor Pin Plug Type on the other end
  • Hardware
  • Mounting assembly

Additional information

Weight 12 kg