Hustler 4-BTV HF Vertical Antenna


Exclusive trap design makes Hustler traps ultra stable and dependable.


Exclusive trap design makes Hustler traps ultra-stable and dependable. With Hustler verticals, you can not only adjust frequency by tubing length, you can actually tune the traps for up to 2 MHz shift. Large diameter tubing gives full bandwidth on 10 m – 40 m with VSWR typically better than 1.6:1 at band edges. On 80 m you will achieve around 80 kHz bandwidth. The absence of tapered tubing makes this antenna really rigid and the 0.315 in base tube wall adds to the rigidity. Longer than comparable verticals, these antennas are really efficient. As Hustler says, these antennas offer solid signals, solid construction and solid value.


4 Bands
Coverage 40 – 10 m
Bandwidth Full
SWR 1.15:1
Power 1 kW
Traps 25.4 mm formers
Tubing 31.75 mm
Bracket Size 44.45 mm
Height 6.52 m
Weight 6.8 kg


Additional information

Weight 7 kg